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Trying to Grow Your Web Traffic can be Frustrating

Many businesses, both large and small, struggle with the challenges that SEO can present. You may create your website and think that you’ll be on the first page of Google in no time, only to find that you’re not because you don’t have the right keywords or content. Or maybe you’ve hired an SEO agency or consultant, but they’re not delivering the results you expected. Or maybe your website is slow and not structured properly. Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin.

Overwhelming Costs
SEO can be expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars per month to hire an SEO agency or consultant. And even then, there is no guarantee that you will see results.
High Competition
SEO can feel like a never-ending race against competitors, making it expensive to stay ahead.
Technical Complexity
SEO involves technical aspects like coding and website structure that can be overwhelming for non-experts.
Content Creation Takes Time
Consistently producing high-quality content can be time-consuming and costly.
Not Knowing The Right Keywords
Identifying the right keywords to target requires expertise and tools that can be expensive.
Uncertain ROI
Measuring the exact return on investment for SEO efforts can be challenging, making it hard to justify costs.

We Understand Your Challenges, so we Provide Affordable and Effective SEO Solutions

Because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in SEO for your website, we offer a variety of solutions to help you get the results you need. We offer a free SEO audit to help you identify the areas of your website that need improvement as part of each of our offerings, and you can request one even without purchasing by scheduling a call with us.

Check out how we were able to help some of our clients:

Music Lessons & Courses Company

0-1000 Monthly Search Traffic in 5 Months

Content driven by keyword research can help you grow your web traffic.

We provided SEO Consultation and Keyword Analysis to guide them in effectively creating blogs that would rank (and the numbers below show).

Home Inspection Company

0-300 Monthly Search Traffic with a New Website

A New Website without wanting to spend a lot of money on SEO.

We provided our SEO Starter Kit and 3 Blog Posts to help a home inspector grow to 220 Monthly Search Traffic in 3 months and rising. This enabled more leads through their contact form.

Online Therapy Company

Consulting to Prevent Heavy Traffic Loss

We helped an organization prevent and recover from serious traffic losses.

When you are ranking for a lot of keywords, it can be easy to lose track of what is working and what is not. We provided SEO Consultation to help them identify the issues and recover from the traffic loss. Loss of leads can be immense when you lose traffic. We helped them recover and grow their traffic.

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A-la-Carte SEO Options

Don’t spend loads of money monthly on SEO services you don’t need. Pick and choose what you need based on the criteria below and pay once. Once your website is attracting over 1,000 visitors per month, you can upgrade to a monthly SEO plan.

SEO Starter Kit

If you have just started your website, aren’t getting any traffic, or aren’t sure where to start with SEO, this is the perfect package for you. You’ll receive a PDF guide with everything you need to start gaining traffic.

What’s included

  • 25 Easy/Medium Difficulty Keywords to Target
  • 25 Blog Post Ideas for Increased Traffic
  • Guideline for On-Page SEO
  • Guideline for Writing SEO-Friendly Content

Pay Once


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Everything You Need To Start SEO Strong

Blog Content Creation

We’ll create a blog post for you that is optimized for search engines and targeted towards keywords that you want to rank for. Our goal is to target keywords that you can rank for, and that would bring you a decent amount of traffic when ranking in the top 5 results. We’ll even implement the blog post on your website for you.

What’s included

  • 800-Minimum Word Count Post Optimized for Search Engines
  • Stock / Custom Imagery Included (Up to 3 Images)
  • We Implement the Blog Post on Your Website (Must have Blogging Capabilities)
  • Post targeted towards Keywords that you want to rank for

Per Individual Blog Post/Page


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If you order 9, you get 1 free!

Technical SEO Inspection

Sometimes, you may have great content, but your website is not optimized for search engines so you don’t rank well. We’ll do a technical SEO checkup on your website and provide you with the details to fix any issues we find, along with a quote to fix it ourselves.

We’ll Check The Following

  • Site Speed and Performance
  • On-Page SEO Elements
  • URL Structure and Redirects
  • Mobile Optimization

Per Checkup


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Poor performance can stop you from getting traffic.

Monthly pricing for businesses with higher traffic.

Now that you are raking in traffic, the goal is to maintain them and keep growing. We help you do that.

Growing Business

Good for anyone who is drawing in 1,000 - 2,000 visitors per Month


  • Monthly SEO Audit
  • Monthly Analysis of 3 Competitors
  • 2 Blog Posts Included per Month
  • Track Positions for up to 100 Top 10 Keywords
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Established Business

Perfect for anyone drawing in 2,000 - 5,000 visitors per month.


  • Monthly SEO Audit
  • Monthly Analysis of 5 Competitors
  • 4 Blog Posts Included per Month
  • Track Positions for up to 250 Top 10 Keywords
  • Ongoing Technical SEO Support
  • Additional Optimizations for up to 2 Pages per Month
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Enterprise Business

5,000+ visitors per month. We’ll create a custom plan that fits your needs.


  • Bi-Weekly SEO Audit
  • Monthly Analysis of 10+ Competitors
  • 8+ Blog Posts Included per Month
  • Track Positions for up to Unlimited Top 10 Keywords
  • Ongoing Technical SEO Support
  • Additional Optimizations for up to 4 Pages per Month
  • Customized Plan to Fit Your Needs
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